About Us

CuppaCo Foods and Beverages was established in 2016 as a sister company to Geebees Beverages Private Limited. Both companies have the same goal; to serve consumers best in quality instant beverages. Under CuppaCo umbrella, the all new Cuppa Chai Gold and Cuppa Coffee Gold brand will be taking its first step in delivering its promise of serving quality, all natural Instant Tea and Instant Coffee Beverages.


Cuppa Chai Gold products provide customers with true, pioneering taste of traditional Indian beverages, all while being healthy and affordable.


Our true strength comes from using all the best ingredients including blending of fresh tea/coffee and organic spices. Making is very easy, all that is required is hot water and a Chai Gold product and your tea or coffee is ready.


All of our products contain no preservatives, no artificial color or flavoring. Cool thing is, we do all that while making the product convenient, consistent and make sure the quality is the best in each sip.    


We know that our tea and coffee are the best. When you try it you will forget the rest.